Celebrating Mario Kart 8's launch: The ten best Mario Kart videos from around the web...

It is fair to say that Mario Kart is an iconic franchise. With more break-ups, make-ups and crashes than a season of F1, and giving a whole new meaning to shelling your enemy, Mario and co. are poised to power-slide into first place in the WiiU's software library in a matter of weeks!

So it's little wonder that ever since the dawn of the internet, gamers the world over have been expressing their adoration for all things Mario Kart. So join us as we present you with ten of the finest Mario Kart videos the internet has to offer...

10). An internet list wouldn't be complete without Chuck Norris. Watch as Chuck comes up against Mario and co.

9). There are a TON of real-life Mario Kart videos out there. This one takes the crown for stunning VFX and an absolutely terrifying Lakitu cloud...

8). Sochi would have been MUCH better with Mario Kart items, but there may have been less medals to give out...

7). Making Acapella sound effortless is Smooth McGroove with his incredible Koopa Troopa Beach cover.

6). Mario Kart comes to life in this brilliant short video. Maybe gaming of the future could be like this?

5). Everyone loves honesty and this trailer is BRUTALLY honest!

4). Rainbow Road suddenly became a hit song back in 2008 with this classic tribute song!

3). French comedian Remi Gaillard took his antics to another level with this side-splitting video...

2). Capturing the musical brilliance of Mario Kart isn't easy, but watch this and you'll hear true brilliance!

1). Sam Hart's classic song shot to fame in 2008 and remains a touching tribute to Mario Kart. Destined to remain legendary until the end of time!

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