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N-Europe has one of the most active online Nintendo gaming communities. Playing a variety of games on the Wii, 3DS and DS; online meetings of the group take place on a daily basis with much larger regular events held on specified dates for various games.

In this article you will find a quick history of the N-E Online Gaming community and how you can get involved with one of the most active online Nintendo communities in the world.

The History of the N-E Online Gaming Community

N-Europe has always had a good online gaming community. Dating back to titles such as Mario Strikers, Mario Kart DS & Wii and Medal of Honour Heroes 2, different groups of players have organised themselves through the forums to play online together.

Mario Kart leagues were arranged on a weekly basis which at their height had two leagues with nearly 24 active players in total. Other gamers played Medal of Honour Heroes 2 and then Call of Duty: World at War. Whilst these two games never quite drew the crowds Mario Kart did, those who played them certainly put in a good number of hours.

When The Conduit came out in 2009 the N-E Online Gaming community got their first taste of voice chat on the Wii through Nintendo's WiiSpeak. Weekly tournaments took place however, these were somewhat dogged by 20 minute matches featuring rocket launchers. These matches illustrated just how voice chat can soon become over burdened with language more commonly found at a performance of Roy Chubby Brown.

The N-E Online Gaming community really came together with the release of Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii. This brought together a large number of players all who had to work together. Over months of intense hunting friendships were formed that are still firmly in place today. With hunts taking up to 45 minutes at a time and voice and text chat being active, aswell as a lack of the dreaded Friend Codes, people really got to know one another.

At the same time FPS enthusiasts were getting their fill of action on COD:MWR, albiet sans chat options. The N-E Online Gaming community was dominating in both tactical and TDM matches. This is where several of the Monster Hunter regulars began playing with several of the WAW veterans.

With Black Ops on the horizon and the prospect of a game with both voice chat through a headset and the absence of friend codes everyone was excited. Both COD veterans and Monster Hunter regulars all agreed to get in on the action and the N-E Clan was born.

With [N-E] tags before their names, COD gaming became a nightly occurrence. What's more, as the N-E Clan dominated, many new members joined the forum and began playing with us. Over time the clan grew from just a handful of players to nearly 20 members.

The N-E Online Gaming community is still growing and looking forward to new online experiences on the Wii, 3DS, DS and next year the WiiU.

Notable Games

The N-E Online Gaming community plays a variety of titles over a variety of platforms. From Mario Kart to Monster Hunter there's something for everyone. The games that are most regularly played are as follows:

Call of Duty: Black Ops

The N-E Clan on Call of Duty was the brain child of several forum members who had formerly played together on Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex. As of Call of Duty: Black Ops; with the addition of the Headbanger Headset allowing for voice chat and the removal of the cumbersome friend codes the clan could now communicate with one another.

This new level of interaction allowed the clan to be able to coordinate their movements and sharpened up their whole game. The N-E Clan plays Black Ops almost every night and has a regular meet every Friday for 'Friday Night Gaming'.

The clan coordinates their games through our forums and all use [N-E] tags in front of their names � which for the most part are their forum names.

Since they have begun playing as a clan, N-E has had numerous clan wars with other clans. The N-E Clan has a very impressive win/loss ratio making them one of the best Wii Clans on Black Ops. They are always looking for new recruits and for the opportunity to arrange proper matches and tournaments with other clans.

This November with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 coming to the Wii, the N-E Clan will all be transferring over and will be active from day one on MW3.

To check out current N-E Clan activity on Call of Duty: Black Ops check out it's Recruiting Thread in our Wii Online Gaming forum.

Monster Hunter Tri

The N-E Brotherhood was formed by several long time N-Europe forum members who all purchased Monster Hunter Tri on day of release. With many wanting to get in on the action but not quite knowing what to expect from the Monster Hunter franchise, N-Europe forum regulars banded together to help one another.

Over the next weeks and months the N-E Brotherhood went from quietly collecting mushrooms and rounding up Kelbi to slaying the largest and fiercest of monsters.

As the Brotherhood leveled up, each player developed their own unique style, weapons and amours � all helping one another to obtain the unique carves they needed to finish their prized equipment. As time went by and the Brotherhood moved on to the advanced quests they often took time out to help those fresh to the hunt find their feet.

Since then, the Brotherhood has grown considerably and are always looking for new members and are always willing to help those unfamiliar with Monster Hunter to get to grips with it.

Need help with a monster or urgent quest you've been stuck on? Check out the Broterhoods active Meet-Up thread in our Wii Online Gaming Forum and see if you can arrange a hunt with the Brotherhood.

These are just two of the games our forum members are active in on a regular basis. If you are interested in playing other games online please feel free to check out our fourms for Wii Online Gaming and Handheld Online Gaming to find threads for online meet-ups of other games such as Goldeneye 007, Conduit 2, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, Pokemon and many more.

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