Feature: Why The 3DS Has A Bright Future

With Iwata recently stating that the 3DS hasn't sold as well as forecast and certain media sources stating that the 3DS is a sight for sore eyes, Nintendo's little system has certainly been in the headlines for many a wrong reason. Throw in launch software that whilst diverse, hasn't really seen a killer app and the reception has been luke warm. However, having spent some time getting to know what the 3DS system can offer there are many reasons to presume that this little system will go on to be as successful as it's predecessors were. Join us then as we take a look at some of the reasons why the 3DS has a bright future indeed:

1) Unannounced software:

You never know what Nintendo are working on until the last minute these days and more importantly, you never know who they are working with. Look at the developers for Ocarina of Time and Pilotwings for proof. We think there will be many more surprises to come from unexpected sources in the 3DS' lifetime. Throw in expected franchises that make yearly appearances and we know that we are in for some portable 3D delights. Finally, looking at the features the 3DS has is what excites us most about future software. More augmented reality games? StreetPass games? Yes please!

2) Easy to develop for system:

Nintendo purposely made the 3DS easy to develop for which ensures that content should come quickly. As handhelds continue to evolve, development times generally increase. With a friendly and flexible development system which covers both retail and DSiWare titles, the 3DS should eventually have a bountiful, varied software library.

3) Third parties showed off the system:

Nintendo's new strategy is to let third parties show off their new hardware so when we saw Metal Gear Solid, Dead or Alive, Resident Evil and Street Fighter unveil the system, we were in awe. Hopefully this focus on third parties continues past the first year. (Remember Wii's first year?) With Nintendo's new focus on promoting third party software, the 3DS could finally be the console to break the mould between Nintendo and other developers.

4) Classic Juggernauts:

Judging by the Ocarina of Time and Starfox 64 hype, classic remakes prove that gamers will buy remakes time and time again. Throw in the remakes on offer at the 3DS launch and we wonder where it will end. Thankfully we don't mind classic titles making their home on the 3DS as long as these titles enable developers time to get to grips with the system. Furthermore, just as the HD twins have seen 'HD' remakes we await 3D remakes ranging from the GameBoy all the way to the Wii.

5) VC continuation:

When the Virtual Console came to Wii it was a brilliant concept. Unfortunately the library was squeezed out with little thought. One week would see classics aplenty and then nothing but tumbleweed for months. Hopefully the VC is ready to just drag and drop onto the 3DS ensuring that exciting titles are available to play whenever there is a lull at retail.

6) Continued DSiware:

DSiWare has been hit and miss on the DSi, yet we hope that the 3DS' stronger all-round hardware enables the software library to grow massively in unique and interesting ways. Titles from the mobile market could make their way over to 3DSWare and the gyro and cameras could be used in interesting ways. A new Flipnote Studio is a good start yet Nintendo need to get more content on their too and encourage developers behind the scenes.

7) Online focus:

Finally, one friend code and software updates! Imagine if the DS had these two somewhat minor features? Potentially encouraging new content and features whenever Nintendo feel like it and encouraging gamers to take their system out and about with them, the online focus of the 3DS (including connecting via streetpass) may ensure that the system sees software that lasts a lot longer than previously.

8) Media capabilities:

As far as 3D content goes, it is still early days...
Apart from SKY's 3D content (including documentaries, concerts, short movies and sport) there isn't much out there. When you look at the movies there are more and more coming to retail from Avatar to Tron. Hopefully Nintendo's Netflix support includes some of the movies as we'd definitely recommend some of the 3D movies out there. SKY's content is decent too, particularly as they have the rights to Avatar and the Toy Story trilogy. Time will tell if 3D media comes to the 3DS but it will be interesting to see what can be put on an SD card and output - especially when video recording comes standard.

So there we have it. N-Europe are excited by the future of the 3DS and we look forward to spending much more time in the arms of Nintendo's latest portable venture. But is there anything you are interested in? Let us know via our comments section below!

Mark Lee
- N-Europe Staff Writer

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