It's the N-E Café's sweet 16!

For the sixteenth time the N-E Café lands in your podcast provider. And there is plenty to talk about!

Greg makes a return and joins Lee and Nick for an Animal Crossing Direct aftertalk. What are their thoughts on the features shown and not shown? Has it made them more or less excited about this game?

There's plenty other news as well, as the Doom games are on sale, and Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition has been rated which means it may be close to a release.

Greg talks about him getting crafty with Yoshi, while Lee has been getting into some Double Trouble (no, he has not joined Team Rocket). Nick has continued completed his single-player journey in Super Mario Maker 2.

This week's listener question comes from Sam, and he asks: "Do you prefer handheld or TV play, and are there any specific games where you have a certain preference?". If you want to ask the guys a question, just head over to the N-E Café Twitter or our forum and ask away. Chances are you will get your answer in the next podcast.

N-E Café [016] Do You Like It Big or Small

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