N-E Café: Episode 12 hits the world wide web!

It's Thursday and that means it is time for another instalment of the N-E Café podcast. Episode 12 to be exact! Greg makes a triumphant return and joins Lee and Nick for a rundown of the weekly news. This includes the Mortal Kombat Kollektion rumours, Stardew Valley's milestone and the definitive end of the Wii.

As always the guys have been pumping some gaming hours into their Switches. Greg talks 198X, a game inspired by the arcades of old. Nick has been enjoying a game from his backlog: Graceful Explosion Machine. Meanwhile Lee got busy with the stylish tactical FPS Superhot.

The big topic of the week is all about the Nintendo Switch's user interface. How does it hold up compared to the ones we had on the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Wii and WiiU? Is there anything they are missing? Or is the barebones-but-lightningfast menu of the Switch all they desire? Listen in and find out!

As always don't hesitate to contact our hosts through Twitter or by joining the discussion on our forums. Special shout-out to Jonnas for guessing last week's transition tune, congrats! Can you guess the tunes from this week?

Finally, votes are open for a new PodPals game. Head over to the forum or the Twitter poll and vote for your favourite retro Kirby game. The winning game will be played by the hosts and the community.

N-E Café [012] Revamping the Switch

The twelfth episode is available on all good podcast providers. You can find a direct listening link to SoundCloud right below. Later this week we will also upload it to our YouTube Channel. Thanks for listening!

Episode 12 can now be found on all major podcast providers, so make sure to subscribe to the podcast on your provider of choice. This episode will be available later on the N-Europe YouTube channel as well. You can also start listening on SoundCloud right now. Enjoy!

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