N-E Café: Episode 13 is here!

For the thirteenth time our hosts of the N-E Café sit together to chat abundantly about all things Nintendo. That includes the good (sales figures) and the bad (their mobile strategy).

But let's start off with a nice extra for our listeners! If you can guess this week's Transition Tune, you have the chance to win a digital copy of Hypercharge: Unboxed for Nintendo Switch. Hint: The music comes from an SNES title. If you know the right answer don't forget to contact our hosts on Twitter or on our forum.

There is plenty of news this week. A pretty Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch is coming out, and Platinum Games is kickstarting The Wonderful 101: Remastered. And Nintendo held its investors meeting, and the boys take a look at the sales figures that popped up there.

Nick has been smashing away with the controversial Byleth in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and is loving him/her to bits. Lee talks about Hypercharge: Unboxed, the game you can win this week and the game he reviewed for our website and awarded with an 8/10. Meanwhile Greg got into the groove that is Sayonara Wild Hearts.

The big question comes from forum member Hero-of-Time, who asked how the guys feel about Nintendo's mobile strategy. Surely that led to a long and hearty discussion about Miitomo, Mario Kart Tour and gacha mechanics.

N-E Café [013] Please Pay 49p to Unlock This

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