N-E Café: Episode 14 is out!

It is time for Episode 14 of the N-E Café podcast. Let's start with a congratulations to Mike, who guessed that last week's transition tunes were from the SNES game Plok! Enjoy your copy of Hypercharge: Unboxed. This week you can guess a new round of transition tunes, the prize this week is... eternal glory!

If you are looking for a game to play, why not start with Kirby's Dream Land 3 for the SNES? It is the latest pick for PodPals, where both the hosts and listeners play this game and give their opinions on it. Join in on the discussion and your thoughts will feature in an episode of the podcast in a couple of weeks. You can do so on Twitter or via our forums.

Lee and Nick discuss the latest news that includes the upcoming Kunio Kun collection, and the effect of the Corona virus on the Switch's availability and on the release of The Outer Worlds. Further Lee has been chopping away in a 1 cent eShop game, while Nick has been skateboarding and Wargrooving.

The big topic of the week is all about the mysteries still surrounding Animal Crossing: New Horizons. That Nintendo is being unclear is an understatement, and the guys try to guess what is going on with save states, cloud backups, and the inclusion of potential DLC or micro transactions.

N-E Café [014] Very Cross Animals

The newest episode can be found on all major podcast providers, and will be up on YouTube later this week. Or start listening immediately through SoundCloud with the link below. Thanks for listening!

Episode 14 can now be found on all major podcast providers, so make sure to subscribe to the podcast on your provider of choice. This episode will be available later on the N-Europe YouTube channel as well. You can also start listening on SoundCloud right now. Enjoy!

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