N-E Café: Episode 15 is up!

It is time for already the fifteenth episode of the N-E Café, a weekly podcast discussing all things Nintendo. This week Lee and Nick are our hosts for an hour and a half.

Last week's transition tune was guessed first by forum user Hero-of-Time, congratulations! Can you make a guess for this week's transition tunes? As always share them on Twitter or on the forum.

A bunch of news surfaced in the past week, and Lee and Nick take us through it. Four new games are available for the NES and SNES games, what do they think about that? Further there are the D.I.C.E. Awards, Warface, and a couple of listed but not yet announced games to discuss.

Nick has been struggling with Super Mario Maker 2, and he places it under the first part for the WiiU. Meanwhile Lee has a love/hate relationship with indie hit Bomb Chicken.

And then there is the big topic, the elephant in the room. What is going to happen during the Animal Crossing Direct (we know by now, and if not you can read our roundup article here). And when is the next normal Direct inbound?

N-E Café [015] It’s Coming, Isn’t It?

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