N-E Café Episode 23 is out now!

It's here, episode 23 of the N-E Café podcast! Sit back and enjoy another hour and a half of Nintendo banter by Greg, Lee and Nick. And if you ever have questions for them don't hesitate to post them on their Twitter account.

As always the weekly news is discussed. That includes upcoming games like Jump Force but also the passing of Rick May, the voice actor of Peppy Hare in the Starfox games.

Meanwhile Greg is enjoying Animal Crossing more than he would have imagined, and that's a good thing right? He also sold his soul to the devil and got EA's Fifa 20. Lee has been playing the quirky title Kuukiyomi: Consider It. He also gives some sound advice on cleaning your Joy-Cons to hopefully reduce drift.

For the big topic of the week they once again stare into the future, but instead of looking at software like they did in last week's episode they brainstorm about upcoming hardware. The reason for this are the latest rumours about new hardware profiles which are mentioned deep in the code of the Switch's newest firmware update.

N-E Café [023] Mariko’s Dead, Baby

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