N-E Café Episode 26 now available!

The 26th episode of the N-E Café podcast kicks off with a bunch of news that surfaced this week. Nintendo had another investors meeting, and some mysterious artwork of canned projects featuring Sheik and Boo showed up as well.

Lee finished Light Fall, a platformer where you can actually place a platform yourself! Nick has been cruising along in 80's Overdrive, a retro-inspired racer. Meanwhile Greg is still whittling away at Streets of Rage 4.

The PodPals pick for this month was Ori and the Blind Forest, a game praised by many. It caused quite a ruckus when it came to the Nintendo Switch, but what do the hosts and the community think of the game? Listen in for an in-depth analysis.

N-E Café [026] PodPals (Ori and the Blind Forest)

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