N-E Café Episode 28 now available!

This week, our three hosts embark on a trip down memory lane as they challenge each other on their knowledge of the mighty Nintendo 64! Who will come out on top in this test of 64 knowledge? Lee has devised a stringent rule set to avoid them making questions that are deemed “too difficult.” Will that pay off for him? Play along at home and let us know your final score out of 24 in the comments below or in the forum.

As always, the boys bring you the latest Nintendo related news of the week and the latest e-shop games that are dropping on May 28th. In recent games, after a brief period of new-found joy with his Switch, Greg is back on the “I hate this” bandwagon as he lays into a Capcom port, Lee has donned his bobby helmet and Nick, as usual, can’t just settle on one game to play.

Last week’s transition tunes from Streets of Rage 2 were guessed by Jonnas, and this week Nick promised a slightly better challenge, though still not strictly a Nintendo game. See if you can guess which game the music between segments is from and be sure to let us know your guess in the comments.

Happy listening!

(Additional: Nick’s audio is rubbish this week because he recorded on the wrong microphone, so sorry about that!)

(Additional: Episode 27 didn't originally get featured at the time, so here it is)

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