N-E Café: Episode 3 is up!

The N-E Café is here for the third episode! In this newest episode Greg, Lee and Nick talk Pokémon and how they experienced the launch of Sword and Shield. Lee has been enjoying a Battle Royale game but not that one, while Greg is playing his potential best 2D platformer of all time. Nick plays Fire Emblem but with a twist.

The Listener's Question comes from some guy who apparently posts articles right here on the N-Europe mainpage. I don't know who he is but he must be a pretty smart guy if he can come up with questions such as "which games do you expect in 2020?".

As always make sure to get involved as well, as there is still a week of voting left for the PodPals game that will be played by the hosts and the listeners. You can take a guess at this week's transition tune as well. Last week forum member Jonnas called it right, well done!

And as icing on the cake you can participate in the first N-E Café give-away contest! Blue Sunset Games have provided a European copy of their tower defense game Assault on Metaltron. All you have to do is follow the instructions in this tweet.

N-E Café [003] Metroid Prime Trilogy HD (2020)

You can find the direct stream to the podcast below. If you want to listen through your podcast app, please take a look at last week's article where we highlight all different podcast providers. Enjoy!

Episode 3 can now be found on all major podcast providers, so make sure to subscribe to the podcast on your provider of choice. This episode will be available later on the N-Europe YouTube channel as well. You can also start listening on SoundCloud right now. Enjoy!

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