N-E Café Episode 33 now available!

Episode 33 of the N-E Café is now live and it’s time to sit down with a piping hot double espresso and mull over the pros and cons of DLC.

That’s right, this week’s big topic dissects the shift towards downloadable content and whether the consumer really does benefit from it. Quite a lot of news this week, new game announcements to go through including the new Smash Bros Ultimate character reveal and the fallout from the two recent Pokemon directs. Have any of the Café crew got their best Pokemon Smile yet?

A final reminder for this month’s PodPals game – Doom 3. Remember to post your thoughts on the game in the N-Europe Video Game Club thread over on our forum before the end of Saturday.

In recent games, Lee has a trademark infringing surprise for us all, and after Greg’s positive impressions on The Gardens Between last week, does Nick feel the same way?

Check out the episode linked below. Enjoy!

Episode 33 can now be found on all major podcast providers, so make sure to subscribe to the podcast on your provider of choice. This episode will be available later on the N-Europe YouTube channel as well. You can also start listening on SoundCloud right now. Enjoy!

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