N-E Café Episode 36 now available!

Episode 36 of the N-E Café has regular hosts Lee Davies, Gregory Moffett and returning Mars conqueror, Nick Lone. They discuss the latest Nintendo News; games they’ve been playing, featuring Doom (2016), Kotodama: The Seven Mysteries of Fujisawa and Flingsmash (Wii); and this week we have a Listener Question from Daniel Wu relating to copyright laws.

As ever, the boys talk about the latest Nintendo related gaming news of the past week, and the latest e-Shop games which dropped on June 18th. Greg tells us about the delights of Flingsmash, Lee tries out Kotodama, while Nick talks about his playthrough of Doom. [Yet another game on the Switch which I still need to finish - Sam]

The topic of copyright laws is certainly an interesting one this week, as it covers a lot more than you might expect, and it's an aspect which will probably only become all the more legally entangled as videogames move on. Especially when it comes to anything which is licensed, just have a look at any games from the past which have a licensed soundtrack for example, if you have played Crazy Taxi on the Dreamcast or GameCube in the past, if there was suddenly a remaster announced for the Switch, you would probably assume that it would have a certain track, by a certain band starting out with "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!" at the start; though this is simply not true if a new licensing agreement isn't reached.

All of this, and much more is talked about in this latest episode, we hope that you enjoy it and without further ado, you can find the latest episode below...

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