N-E Café Episode 54 now available!

Episode 54 of the N-E Café has hosts Lee Davies, Gregory Moffett and Nick Lone discuss the week’s events in NintendoLand, talk about their recently played games, and discuss H-O-T’s listener question about Day One Purchases.

This is episode 54 of the N-E Café Podcast, an N-Europe Podcast. Enjoy!

This week, the boys talk about the latest Nintendo related gaming news of the past week, and the latest e-Shop games which have just been released. There's also plenty of gaming related discussion, including Greg's take on the Panzer Dragoon Remake, as it's currently on sale for half-price on the Nintendo Switch eShop until 16/12/2020. (I look forward to finally playing the game, when I have a physical copy for the Switch) - Sam

Nicks expands on his time spent with Luigi's Mansion 3 as he's made significant progress on the game, it seems to be a title which many of us have spent a bit of time here and there playing the game, taking a break from it, then going back to it at a later date, despite the game being very enjoyable overall. (Another game, I'd like to return to, even if it's just for an hour) - Sam

Lee has been hitting the Snooker halls in Pure Pool, taking us through the myriad of modes available in the package, how the game works online, what to expect from the controls, and just how enjoyable the game is to play, offering a decent amount of challenge for casual and experienced players alike. (I do like a good game of Pool, this might be a potential purchase in the future) - Sam

The big topic this week, is Day One Purchases, which has had significant discussion in the N-E Café Podcast thread, covering everything from buying games which are broken on day one, waiting for an improvement patch, to not buying hardly any games, waiting for a sale so that you get the most complete version of the game, for the best price. (I miss the days of buying a game on a cartridge or disc, knowing that what you were getting was the full game, for better or worse) - Sam

All of this, and much more is talked about in this latest episode, we hope that you enjoy it and without further ado, you can find the link below...

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