Podcast: N-Europe Show #2

Stevo and the returning Gregory are joined by Michael for this month's episode of the N-Europe Show.

We start by talking about the most recent games we played, namely Super Mario 3D Land and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword in spoiler free fashion. There's also a mention of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 on Wii � if you're a Pro Evo player then why not join up to the forum and challenge us to a few matches?

From there, it's onto a few news items such as a debate over the merits of the Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro attachment and how Nintendo managed to sneak Kirby Adventure Wii onto store shelves all unbeknownst to Michael.

Having ignored Mario Kart 7 up until this point, we dive into a retrospective discussion of the entire series - from humble Mode 7 SNES origins right up to the motion controlled, bike centric Wii entry, before getting Michaels views on the much heralded Mario Kart 7 itself. Mario Kart Arcade is skipped over as the podcast crew have only had very limited experience with it and no good memories to share.

Finally, Greg tests our Mario Kart knowledge with a quiz and we round out the episode by giving some hidden gems from the Wii and DS libraries a shout-out. We couldn't mention them all, but the omission of Soul Bubbles is criminal. If you own it, give yourself a pat on the back, if not, hunt down a copy on eBay while you listen to the podcast.

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0:00 � 25:43 � Part One: Mario, Zelda and news.

25:44 - 55:22 - Part Two: Mario Kart retrospective.

55:23 - 1:12:32 - Part Three: Mario Kart quiz and hidden gems.

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