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If you're a fan of fast food themed titles then you could well be in for a tasty treat. Anyway enough from me and on with the game!

Available for download this week we have...

  • BurgerTime Deluxe

Price: GB �2.60 EU �3
Publisher: Data East
Developer: Data East
Released: 1990
System: GameBoy

Once a classic arcade game BurgerTime holds many fond memories for those who either enjoyed it back in the day or one of its several sequels and spin-offs since its release, being that it has spanned multiple consoles as a popular port too it'd have been somewhat rude for there to have not been a version available for the GameBoy taking into account the popularity of the platform. So here is BurgerTime Deluxe which isn't a mere port but actually a brand new entry in the series which comes complete with twenty four levels for you to consume.

Taking on the role of restaurant owner Peter Pepper who has had his business besieged by pieces of personified food you must combat them by constructing burgers, to do this you simply walk over each part � which includes bread, lettuce, meat etc � which are on different levels reached by climbing ladders; once you've walked across each piece it will drop down hopefully taking an enemy with it. Even though an enemy may sustain a hit from a falling burger bun they will still continue to chase you and are rather relentless in doing so but thankfully you can opt to stun them with pepper which can be a useful tactic in the fight against food, regardless though once you complete all of your behemoth sized burgers you'll beat the level as you then rinse and repeat the process for the rest.

Fortunately you have a few power ups at your disposal not just limited to the aforementioned pepper-pot which you need to replenish but you also can pick up a bag of chips which will obliterate all on-screen enemies, a chocolate bar of temporary invincibility which is useful when used tactically and of course the staple of many games which is the infamous extra life. It's familiarising yourself with enemy attack patterns which will ultimately see you succeed above all because so long as you can avoid getting cornered without any burger pieces, pepper or power-ups to your name then you'll progress rather quickly through the levels which is almost a shame being that the game is relatively short but the amount of fun you're likely to have in doing so definitely makes it worthwhile.

Visuals are mostly what you'd expect from a GameBoy title with all the visuals being in clean black and white which is something of a contrast from the colourful original but still very much in keeping with the charm that the series is known for. Audio is rather nicely done with some fairly cheerful music which keeps things moving along nicely not to mention some decent sound effects which while simple definitely serve their purpose.

If I had to recommend this game I'd say that it's well worth playing if you've never experienced the brilliance of BurgerTime before because this is an excellent version which you should make your priority to play over the upcoming BurgerTime World Tour which is due to be released on WiiWare but I feel will no doubt disappoint; this on the other hand with its simple charms will not let you down in providing an enjoyable, fun experience even if it is somewhat short it's still very much a classic.

Verdict : A tasty title that goes down a treat.

That's it for another installment of VC Weekly which will return again soon. So until then, enjoy the rest of the week and Game On!

Sam Gittins
[email protected]

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