Game Details: Beautiful Desolation


Mark and his brother Don are flung into a futuristic era ruled by highly advanced technologies both revered and reviled.

The inhabitants of this African apocalyptic world will help or hinder you as you make discoveries and navigate the spectacular landscape. Negotiate your passage with local leaders, healers, and warriors, or find yourself embroiled in a battle against nanite swarms, enormous scorpions, and rocket-equipped robots.

From thriving villages to crumbling cities, petrified forests, and bone-dry ocean beds, this strange new world holds a multitude of terrains to uncover, all beautifully rendered in 2D isometric art. Explore, solve puzzles, and be prepared to face many tough choices that will shape this land long after you complete your journey.


Humanity as you know it has been completely reforged, and that is most evident by the characters in BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION. Technology and mortality have become blurred. Sentient religious robots run rife. Trans-humanistic tribes and leaders have emerged to claim power, and ruthless hunter mercenaries roam the plains. All have adapted to this powerful unknown and are often at odds with each other. Meet and interact with over forty unique characters, each fully voiced by African voice actors, with thousands of lines of dialogue and multiple conversation paths. Additionally, full CGI cutscenes are scattered throughout the story to bring you even closer to the enthralling sci-fi world and its characters.


BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION features a vibrant and highly experimental soundtrack by none other than Mick Gordon.


BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION's controls, UI, and movement have been fully redone to work intuitively on console controllers. Experience a true gem from the PC adventure genre now with the use of your console’s gamepad.

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