Game Details: Def Jam Vendetta

Could this be Gamecubes first really good wrestling game? It could well be, after all it`s being developed by the people behind the N64s briliant wrestling games. Good move on EAs part there.It is set in an alternative universe where Def Jam artists fight each other in underground fight clubs. 45 Def Jam artists will be up for selection, and 12 of those are real life Def Jam artists. With 10 venues and over 1500 this game has a lot to offer for a Wrestling fan who wants something different.

News about Def Jam Vendetta for Gamecube




News: Def Jam Vendetta Trailer

Wednesday, 29 Jan 2003

Are you ready to rumble? EA is...

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Posted by Tim Symons 20 years ago




News: Def Jam Vendetta

Wednesday, 30 Oct 2002

A new game has been announced, one that strangly mixes Wrestling with hip-hop.

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Def Jam Vendetta

Monday, 20 Jan 2003

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Posted by Gualtiero 20 years ago

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