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Can you skip 100 times a day?

Take an active break in your day with Jump Rope Challenge, free for Nintendo Switch! Hold both Joy-Con controllers* in your hands and jump while moving your arms, as if you’re exercising with a skipping rope!The on-screen rabbit will reflect your movements, allowing your jumps to be counted, and you can also record how many times you’ve jumped each day. By moving your hands and jumping at the right time, your score will increase.

A daily total of 100 jumps is the goal – and that’s where the ‘challenge’ part comes in, as each player’s scores can be saved and challenged again and again. You can also pass a Joy-Con to someone else and jump together, where the total score counts both players’ successful jumps!

If you’re concerned about making too much noise, simply just bending your knees or moving your arms are also available ways to jump rope and get your body moving.Jump Rope Challenge was created by a small group of Nintendo developers at home, to encourage exercise breaks at home. Who’s the best skipper in your family? Now you can find out!

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Jump Rope Challenge gets a surprise release

Tuesday, 16 Jun 2020

It's a free exercise game from a small group of Nintendo developers to help you stay fit!

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Posted by Dennis Tummers 2 years ago

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