Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn

Game Details: Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn

Join Kirby on a whimsical quest to save Patch Land in Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn, only for Nintendo 3DS family systems! Use our hero’s new-found yarn powers and enjoy a relaxing adventure through a fantastical patchwork world, made of different fabrics.A stitch up

After Kirby eats a mysterious fluffy tomato, he finds himself in an unfamiliar world, where everything is made of yarn! He soon spots trouble and saves a young lad being chased by a monster.

This boy turns out to be Prince Fluff, the prince of Patch Land, who tells his rescuer about Yin-Yarn, the evil sorcerer who split the land into seven pieces and whisked Kirby away from home. To aid his new pal, Kirby agrees to help repair the kingdom, and sock it to that nasty magician!


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