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The next installment of EA's highly popular NFL series.Madden further solidifies its reputation as the top American football franchise with the lastest update, one which improves the general state of play and addresses the problems with previous games. Defense is given a much bigger priority this time, with increased control and new play options, adding a new layer of strategy. This is complemented with a boost in player AI, a long complaint of the series; no longer will you curse the stupidity of your players for messing up one of your great plays. Other improvements are more expected, like crisper visuals and smoother animations, as well as an updated and refined franchise mode. If you're a NFL fan, you know what to do.

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News: EA Squashes Madden 2005 Rumours

Tuesday, 03 Feb 2004

Cube-Europe contacted EA to find out whether the recent rumours about the cancellation of Madden NFL 2005 for the Nintendo GameCube are true. Click for the outcome...

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Posted by Tim Symons 20 years ago

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