Mercury Meltdown Revolution

Game Details: Mercury Meltdown Revolution

Mercury Meltdown Revolution is a brain-teasing puzzle game that challenges players to immerse themselves in a colourful world of sci-fi machines, crazy characters, and bubbling test tubes. Using the Wii Remote, Players guide a liquid mercury ‘blob’, around traps, door switches, spikes, moving floors and other hazardous elements in order to complete the level.Features:- Full interaction using the Wii Remote tilt sensor- Support for the Wii Classic and Nintendo GameCube™ controllers- Advance rendering techniques for improved graphical quality- 480p support- Over 150+ challenging levels- Hidden Labs to unlock.- State of the art blob physics.- Bonus features to unlock

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News: Meltdown Movie Madness

Friday, 16 Mar 2007

Ignition entertain us with balloons, how odd.

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Posted by guest 17 years ago




News: Mercury Meltdown Screenies

Monday, 12 Feb 2007

Some lovely shots of this puzzle game await you inside. Enter, if you dare.

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Posted by Fierce_Link 17 years ago

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