Game Details: Mission Impossible: Operation Surma

Atari has released the first information about Mission:Impossible: Operation Surma.Inspired by the Mission:Impossible movies, the game is currently in development at Paradigm Entertainment and is scheduled for release on all current console platforms as well as the Game Boy Advance. In Operation Surma, players will assume the role IMF agent Ethan Hunt as he attempts to infiltrate the Surma Conglomerate which is believed to be conducting dangerous weapons research and developing a computer virus known as Ice Worm. Much of the game will be stealth-based, and players will have access to a formidable array of high-tech gadgets.The Game is currently scheduled for release in the Usa, Europe and Australia this December A Japan release date is still TBA.Cube-Europe will have Screenshots and Movies of Mission Impossible:Operation Surma Soon

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News: Mission Impossible Website

Wednesday, 01 Oct 2003

Atari has given its upcoming Mission Impossible game a brand new website.

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News: Mission Impossible Screens

Monday, 14 Jul 2003

Prepare yourself for Operation Surma, Ethan's upcoming Mission Impossible.

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Mission Impossible: Operation Surma

Wednesday, 21 Jan 2004

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