Pilotwings Resort

Game Details: Pilotwings Resort

Pilotwings make a bold return since the previous installment back from the N64 in an all new way. Players will return to WuHu island to take on various challenges across a number of different vehicles including plane, jet pack and hand glider and makes good use of the 3D functionality. PilotWings Resort will have you and your Mii exploring an entire island and let you take 3D photos of your favourite areas and share it amongst your friends and family.

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Media: Pilotwings Resort Launch Trailer

Wednesday, 23 Feb 2011

Watch Miis happily fly around in various aerial forms of transport in this brand new trailer.

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Posted by Ashley Jones 13 years ago




E3 2010 Media: Pilotwings Resort 3DS Screens

Tuesday, 15 Jun 2010

To continue with our media blowout, we give you more footage of a returning franchise! Fly in and see for yourselves...

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Posted by Stephen Thomson 14 years ago

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