Game Details: Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D makes it way onto the football pitch on the 3DS at launch and offers more realism than before thanks to the depth and realism of the 3DS making judging distance all that much easier.The title offers Street Pass functionality by assembling you're own team to play for you in teh Master League and whoever uses the best tactics and stats will be the victor unclocking classic players and teams. 1 vs 1 wireless local play is also indluded to take on your friends.Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D offers the following features:StreetPassLocal Wireless

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News: Iwata Asks About Pro Evo 3DS

Tuesday, 22 Feb 2011

Nintendo's President sits down with the creator of the <em>Pro Evolution Soccer</em> series to discuss the upcoming 3DS title.

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Posted by Ashley Jones 13 years ago




News: Pro Evo Set For 3DS Launch

Monday, 07 Feb 2011

Konami's popular soccer sim Pro Evolution Soccer will be available alongside the 3DS system on March 25th.

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Posted by Paul Muchmore 13 years ago

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