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Originally created for the Sega Dreamcast and thought to be exclusive to the console, until it turned up on the PS2 as Resident Evil : Code Veronica X.Details on the Cube version are few and far, it is expected to be a direct port of the PS2 version with little enhancements such RE2 and RE3.Code Veronica was the first game in the franchise to go somewhere new by using polygonal backgrounds and rotaing camera. The game continues where RE2 left off. Clair Redfield is still looking for her brother Chris (from RE1) and has to deal with Umbrella on the way.

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News: RE Code Veronica X Embarks PAL Territory!

Wednesday, 14 Jan 2004

Capcom Europe today announced it is releasing Resident Evil Code: Veronica X for the Nintendo GameCube across all PAL territories. Click for details and first screens!

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Posted by Tim Symons 20 years ago

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