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Samurai Warriors: Chronicles takes the player back to the Sengoku era in Fuedal Japan and offers new features that have never been present before thanks to the capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS. The title allows you to control as 4 different characters on the battlefield which you can switch to at any given moment offering a more strategic approach to battles. When not in battle, conversations will be held between the wealth of characters the game has to offer than can alter the outcome of the story.The game boasts that it is crammed full of content and will offer players a long and immersive journey, spanning up to 50 hours of gameplay. RPG elements are included to upgrade the likes of weapons and your characters is fully customizable. The game will also offer downlable content and in the form of new scenarios for the player to take part in and in StreetPass mode will allow each players army to fight out against each other for loot.Samurai Warriors Chronicles offers the following features:Game CoinsStreetPassSpotPass

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News: SAMURAI WARRIORS Gets Iwata Ask'ed

Wednesday, 23 Feb 2011

Satoru Iwata sits down to chat with Tecmo Koei Games' President about the upcoming <em>SAMURAI WARRIORS: Chronicles</em>.

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Posted by Ashley Jones 13 years ago

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