Game Details: Serious Sam: Next Encounter

The Sequal to the very popular Xbox Game which concentrates on non-stop gun blasting action. If you're used to games like Goldeneye and Perfect Dark which requires you to use lots of stealth to survive forget all that if you get this game.Your objective is simple save mankind by blowing up all the bad guys. Not too complicated so is it?

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News: Serious Sam for Gamecube Made Official

Friday, 05 Mar 2004

Serious Sam has finally been officially announced for the Gamecube. Enter for the first official details on Sam's Gamecube debut. <strong>Update:</strong> GameCube Screens added!

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News: Cube to get Serious

Thursday, 29 Jan 2004

Serious Sam has been confirmed for a GameCube release sometime later this year. Click on inside for what we know! <strong> UPDATED: A name change is on the cards!</strong>

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News: Serious Sam 2 and Smuggler&apos;s Run 2

Wednesday, 13 Feb 2002

Take-Two Interactive has announced two new games for the GameCube!

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