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Spawn: Armageddon is a thrilling, mission-based action/adventure game that thrusts players into the role of the infamous anti-hero Spawn.Spawn: Armageddon is set against the backdrop of a darker, near-future New York City environment, where Spawn is caught between the factions in the battle of Good vs. Evil. The intuitive controls allow players to maneuver their way through various interactive and destructible environments which include 25 missions with more than 60 sublevels, as Spawn struggles to break free of the controlling forces of Heaven and Hell. Based on the first 99 comic books in the Spawn series, Spawn: Armageddon features all of Spawns signature abilities including his vast arsenal of weapons, Hell powers, superhuman strength and his living, symbiotic costume.

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News: EA Nabs Spawn Distribution

Friday, 14 Nov 2003

EA will be publishing Namco's Spawn: Armageddon in Europe. Head inside for this, and more...

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Posted by Tim Symons 20 years ago




News: Spawn Character Named

Monday, 06 Oct 2003

Fans of the Spawn comic series may have been wondering who the mysterious character in it is. Well now they can find out...

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Posted by Ashley Jones 20 years ago




News: Namco's Spawn Moves

Thursday, 24 Apr 2003

<strong>Update: We now also have the first screens. </strong> Namco have announced a cross liscence agreement with Todd McFarlane.

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Posted by Ashley Jones 21 years ago

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