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The Starsky & Hutch game is a story-based police driving action game, taking place in a truly 3-D world modeled after the series location of "Bay City". The game is split into individual episodic time-based missions, where the player will be challenged and rewarded based on their performance. A television rating board will score the users game-play and depending on skill will reward the player with bonus points and/or power-up's.

News about Starsky & Hutch for Gamecube




News: Starsky & Hutch Not Canned!

Thursday, 03 Jul 2003

IGN published a list of games that they claimed got canned. Starsky & Hutch was on that list. Today, though, we got information claiming otherwise.

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Posted by Tim Symons 20 years ago




News: Starsky and Hutch

Monday, 27 Jan 2003

Interesting details about the game based on the 70s TV show.

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Posted by Joshua Phillips 21 years ago




News: Starsky & Hutch

Tuesday, 16 Jul 2002

Empire Interactive today announced that it has signed an extension to its licensing agreement with Sony to bring the Starsky & Hutch game to the GameCube.

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Posted by Tim Symons 21 years ago

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