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WWE: Day of Reckoning revolves around a deeper, more balanced storyline than any of Yuke's previous GameCube outings. This has been one of the areas the Japan-based development studio went back and concentrated on. As such, you can expect surprising plot developments that lead right into electrified matches.You will make your way up in the world, from WWE Velocity & Heat to the real glitz and glamour of the big-time events. And you'll do it one match at a time, battling 40 of the WWE's top wrestlers in addition to a handful of thugs and no-talents. THQ is still mum on all of the wrestlers in the game -- the full roster should be available in a few days -- but we do know that pros John Cena, Randy Orton, Chris Benoit and Triple H will all be fully playable. Expect most of the hard hitters to be featured in the title, including a wide assortment of WWE Legends. more on WWE: Day of Reckoning soon.

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News: WWE Wrestles THQ

Wednesday, 20 Oct 2004

World Wrestling Entertainment announced that it is suing several companies to which it has licensed its properties.

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News: WWE Day of Reckoning Ships Early!

Thursday, 09 Sep 2004

THQ announced that WWE Day of Reckoning, the GameCube exclusive wrestling game, has shipped, two weeks ahead of schedule!

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News: WWE: Day of Reckoning Roster

Sunday, 08 Aug 2004

The roster of wrestlers for THQ's new <em>WWE: Day of Reckoning</em> title has been announced.

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News: WWE Day of Reckoning Screens

Wednesday, 14 Apr 2004

We have acquired four new high-rez screens of WWE Day of Reckoning, THQ's GameCube exclusive wrestling title.

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News: WWE: Day Of Reckoning

Monday, 15 Mar 2004

THQ announces the creation of an all-new Gamecube exclusive wrestling title based on the popular WWE Brand. <strong>Update:</strong> First screens added!

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