Game Details: Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Uncover the secrets of the Monado and save the world

A sprawling RPG classic is reborn in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch. In the aftermath of a devastating invasion, embark on a journey that will take you beyond the horizon. Can you change the future, or is your race doomed to extinction?

A timeless adventure forged anew

With a brand new epilogue adventure, HD visuals, smoother gameplay, remastered music tracks, and more, new and returning players can freshly experience the ultimate version of Shulk and co.’s epic RPG adventure!

The legend lives on

Long ago, the two great titans - the Bionis and the Mechonis - succumbed to one another in battle.

Eons passed and the corpse of the Bionis yielded life, becoming home to a race called the Homs.

One day, the Homs were invaded by the Mechon, warrior machines from the Mechonis.

The Homs prevailed thanks to the Monado, a legendary sword that could penetrate Mechon armour.

One year later, the Mechon have returned. A young Hom named Shulk picks up the Monado and experiences a vision...

Blades at the ready!

While on your epic voyage that spans across both titans, you’ll encounter monsters big and small that’ll engage you in battle. With a broad and deep combat system that combines real-time action and turn-based strategy, mastering it will be in your best interests to overcome oncoming threats!

Getting to know you

By taking on quests across various towns and locations and battling alongside your party, their Affinity for one another will increase – opening up more opportunities for your heroes to bond that will prove beneficial throughout your adventure.

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