3DS XL gets off to storming start in Japan

Figures tracked by magazine Famitsu (via Nintendo Gamer) have revealed the incredibly strong Japanese opening for the 3DS XL system.

The redesigned handheld, which released in the region on July 28th, sold through a hefty 193,000 units after just two days on shelves. To put that into perspective, the original iteration of the 3DS had been selling at around the 50,000-a-week mark in the country for the past few weeks. The DSi moved 170,000 units in its first two days on sale in 2008, while the DSi XL shifted an initial 100,000 units a year later.

It wasn't just the hardware that impressed either. The 3DS XL launched alongside New Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan, with 430,000 copies reportedly sold within the two days. It is thought that this figure does not include download sales - as the game is of course the first 3DS title to be made available in both physical and digital forms. Nor is it yet clear whether we'll receive download sales of 3DS titles on a regular basis, although Nintendo has stated rather vaguely that it plans to make these sales available.

The 3DS XL also hit European shelves on Saturday. New Super Mario Bros. 2 releases on August 17th.

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