Animal Crossing 3DS set to include new features, gardening store, customisable rooftop

Long time fans of the Animal Crossing series know that any change is a big change. Heck, before the release of the Wii version, fans were getting excited over the fact that the new home console game would feature balloons... actual balloons that you could buy and run around with! 

So, you can only begin to imagine the uncontrollable excitement of the gaming public when information of the next big Animal Crossing game is drip fed to the world like a Pigeon squirting its freshly brewed milk into the drinks of unsuspecting coffee enthusiasts. 

In Animal Crossing 3DS, the whole outdoor area is now more customisable. You'll be able to make changes to your rooftop as you please, as well as customise doors, posts and fences.

There will be more stores in this new version too as Tom Nook's firm grip on the retail business finally starts to crumble. Alongside the usual suspects (Nook's Cranny, Able Sisters) will be a gardening store, shoe store and Tom Nook's Raccoon Housing.

We're also promised new furniture to fill all of these new stores with, one of them being a Mermaid Theme.

We certainly can't wait, can you?

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