Another Code Recollection Bonus Item!

January is finally starting to heat up in the world of Nintendo as the new game releases start trickling in, and Nintendo have their own big release this month in the form of Another Code Recollection, a remake of two classic puzzlers from the halceon Wii and DS days, Another Code: Two Memories and Another Code: Journey into Lost Memories.

If you order from the My Nintendo Store you’ll also bag a free notebook (pictured above!), which you can check out here.

Not too sure on what to think of Ashley’s upcoming adventure? We covered it a few weeks ago, so you can check out the trailer, as well as more information on the title and how to download the free demo, here.

This collection includes fully enhanced versions of the Another Code games originally released on Nintendo DS and Wii, featuring overhauled visuals, 3D environments to explore, voice acting, new puzzles, cutscenes, music, and more! Both games also include optional hints and navigation systems to help players who are new to adventure games.

Another Code: Two Memories
After receiving a letter from her father who she thought had passed away, 13-year-old Ashley sets off for the solitary Blood Edward Island in search of him. Not long after arriving, she encounters a mysterious ghost named D, and discovers a mansion filled with mind-bending puzzles and mysteries to solve.

Another Code: Journey into Lost Memories
In this sequel set two years after the events of Another Code: Two Memories, take a trip to Lake Juliet and help Ashley uncover the hidden truth behind her mother’s past.

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