Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy Out Now

As mentioned in Nintendo eShop Weekly, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy is out now!

This is the second trilogy available on Nintendo Switch, following on from the remade DS trio known as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy.

In Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy, you’ll be able to enjoy the 4th, 5th and 6th games in the series. These titles have been remastered from their original DS and 3DS releases!

Check out the launch trailer here or scroll down for the official word from Capcom:


Investigate crimes and catch the culprit in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy!

Phoenix Wright passes the torch to Apollo Justice in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy. Trace Apollo's growth as a lawyer as he navigates the Dark Age of the Law in this collection of three games: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice.

Investigate crime scenes to gather evidence and build your case, battle the lead prosecutor in court to save your client, find and resolve contradictions to reveal the truth, and turn around desperate situations.

A crime has occurred!

Play through Investigation and Trial parts to progress the story. Find the culprit and save your client.

Investigation parts: Talk with witnesses and investigate the crime scene to gather info and evidence to use in court. Examine anything and everything that catches your eyes, then listen to what people have to say.

With evidence in hand, it’s time to head to court.

Trial parts: Point out contradictions between a witness's testimony and the evidence with a loud, “Objection!” Expose their lies during cross-examination and uncover the truth.

Turning things on their head to turn the situation around? That’s how a true Ace Attorney wins their case!

Special content

  • Orchestral Hall: The soundtracks of all three games plus 14 select tracks from the Ace Attorney 15th Anniversary Orchestra Concert and the Ace Attorney 2019 Orchestra Concert. Watch the new chibi character illustrations dance along to the music as you enjoy your favorite songs.

  • Art Library: This library is chock full of character designs, background art, and even the special prologue anime for Spirit of Justice. Original art commissioned for this collection can also be found here.

  • Animation Studio: Freely create the scene of your dreams with character models and animations, background music, and voiced lines from the games—all at your fingertips.

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