ARK: Ultimate Survivor Upgrade Available Now

Ark: Survival Evolved on the Nintendo Switch is notorious for being by far one of the worst ports ever to grace the console. Gameplay videos flooded the likes of YouTube and Twitter in 2018 and it became an almost on-going joke among fans of the series and Switch owners alike on how not to port a title.

Sadly though, it wasn’t so funny for those who spent their hard earned cash on the title, hoping for an enjoyable portable Ark experience. Thankfully, in a similar vein to the GTA Trilogy, Studio Wildcard are set to right the wrongs of their past, and the much anticipated update is finally here.

The update, which is free for people that bought the original on Switch, boasts faster load times, more intuitive menus, and better all-round optimisation when it comes to things such as draw distance and pop-in. Switch owners are now also able to access all of the paid DLC available for the game.

As well as all of these nice upgrades, it will also take up less space on your Switch. This new version comes in at 6.2gb compared to the originals 11.7gb.

The game is now shown as a new listing on the Nintendo eShop with new images reflecting the new state of the title. If you’re interested in giving Ark another chance, you can check out the new images here.

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