Basketball Launches Tomorrow on Nintendo Switch Sports!

Nintendo Switch Sports receives a free new update tomorrow, July 10th, and with it, a new game in the form of basketball!

Basketball is coming to Nintendo Switch Sports as a free update this summer!

Dribble, pass and shoot in two-on-two matches, or aim for the highest score against up to three other players in Five Streak Battle.

The June Nintendo Direct gave us the surprising news that a new update for Nintendo Switch Sports is on the way “this summer”, so it’s nice to see it arrive relatively early in the season!

It was also a surprising announcement as many had assumed that golf would be the one and only update for the game, considering that Nintendo Switch Sports launched back in 2022, with the golf update arriving later that year. It’s yet another reason that we should never rely on logic when it comes to trying to predict Nintendo’s next move!

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Get'cha head in the game!

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