Bayonetta 1 Gets Physical Switch Release Later This Year

The latest instalment in the sexy demon-slaying saga, Bayonetta 3, will release in Europe on October 28th but lucky US gamers will be able to enjoy a physical version of the first game a bit sooner, on September 30th!

While the first game has been available both on WiiU in a double-pack with the release of the second game, and on Switch as a download in certain copies of Bayonetta 2, this is the first time that the original Bayonetta will be released as a stand-alone game on a Nintendo system and the first physical release of the title on Nintendo Switch.

While there is no concrete date for those of us in Europe, Nintendo has confirmed via Twitter that we will also be getting the physical release of Bayonetta later this year on Switch, so keep those eyes peeled for a fabulous feast of the first entry very soon.

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