Bayonetta 1 Is My Nintendo Store Exclusive

We recently reported on a surprising physical release of Bayonetta on Nintendo Switch, years after its original release and the first time it has been available as a stand-alone title on Nintendo platforms.

Nintendo are still being cagey when it comes to revealing a concrete release date, stating it’s due in “the first half of October”. We do now know that it will be exclusive to the UK My Nintendo Store, so those of you hoping to pick this up on the high street or from other online retailers may be disappointed.

Given the sometimes scarce nature of exclusive releases like these, we’d advise you keep a keen eye on the My Nintendo Store if you’re interested in this title and don’t want to miss out.

Do not fear for the hotly anticipated sequel though, as Bayonetta 3 is still set to enjoy a normal physical release in the UK across all major retailers on October 28th.

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