Collaboration Content Discontinued in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise plays host to some collaboration content as DLC, content of which can be acquired through certain events, such as the event “Gotta Hoard Fast” which could bag you various Sonic the Hedgehog rewards.

The free DLC will be discontinued on January 21st 2024. If you download the content before that date, you can keep using it as usual, so if you are at all interested, be sure to get downloading now before it’s removed forever!

As usual with these kinds of eShop removals, no reason has been given, but considering the collaborations are all with other franchises, it’s easy to assume this is due to expiring licenses.

Content that will be unavailable after 1/21/24:

- Sonic the Hedgehog

- Universal Studios Japan

- Sengan-en

A full breakdown of the DLC that’s being removed can be found in the image below:

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