Dokapon Kingdom: Connect Launches in Europe on May 9

A remake of the fan-favourite Wii party/adventure title, Dokapon Kingdom, is on the way to Nintendo Switch and has finally been confirmed for Europe.

Dokapon Kingdom: Connect arrives in Europe physically and digitally on May 9th, while Japan gets it a few weeks earlier on April 13th.

Board Game x RPG

Learn about the original rules and new features added in Dokapon Kingdom: Connect.

  • Let’s Play Online! – Use the online feature to play with your friends! Create a room and gather everyone for a game!
  • Convenient Auto-Save Function – Auto-save will save your progress automatically every week! Play to your hearts content!
  • Reassemble After a Disconnect – If anyone in your party disconnect from a match, all remaining players will automatically be regrouped into a new lobby for all participants!
  • Swap to COM – If you’re ever in a situation where you have to leave, but the others wish to remain, you can tap out and pass the controls to a COM to finish your game for your! Once you exit, the COM will automatically play as you.

Have More Fun!

  • Endless Ways to Play! – Dokapon Kingdom: Connect has three main game modes to enjoy:
  • Story Mode – In this mode, you will travel around Dokapon Kingdom, clearing various challenges along the way!
  • Normal Mode – In this mode, you choose how many weeks you’d like to play, and whoever has the most money at the end wins!
  • Battle Royale – In Battle Royale, you choose from three types of races.
  • Town Race – First to liberate a certain town is the winner! The town to be liberated is different every time!
  • Kill Race – Whoever defeats the other players a certain number of times wins!
  • Shopping Race – Whoever is first to bring the specified item back to Dokapon Castle wins the match!

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