Doraemon Story of Seasons: Friends of the Great Kingdom - Launch Trailer

Story of Seasons is created by the people responsible for the Harvest Moon titles of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, and as such is an essential series for any intrepid virtual farmer. Now it returns once more with 70’s Japanese icon Doraemon.

Friends of the Great Kingdom, the second Doraemon crossover with Story of Seasons, looks set to carry on the beautiful art style and gameplay found within the first Doraemon farm ‘em up from 2019, which also appeared on Nintendo Switch.

Sporting the same gameplay of other titles in the Story of Seasons series, this Doraemon cross-over boasts revamped, gorgeous visuals which bring the world to life through watercolour, calming music and the distinct late 20th century Japanese manga style found in the long-running Doraemon franchise.

This new game offers all the best bits of the original Doraemon Story of Seasons that you’d expect such as crop growing, fishing, tending to animals, building and maintaining relationships and mining, but offers new tasks such as deep sea diving and expanded customisation options for your home and farm.

Quality of life changes are rampant too. Gaining materials and money will be achieved at a slightly faster pace, which is a relief for those that played the original Doraemon, which as fun as it was could at times feel like having a virtual full time job.

Hitting 30fps and coming in at 2.9gb on Switch, the title is available now and there’s also a demo available for those of you on the fence.

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