E3 2010 Media: Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

From the director of the Ace Attorney series comes a new game featuring suspicious lamps, dead detectives and a whole lot of intrigue.

Shu Takumi, the director of the popular Nintendo DS detective Ace Attorney series, has been working on a new title that is due to launch in Japan this month and in the West later on. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective sees Sissel wake up one morning to find he is dead with no clue as to who killed him or why.

In the game you must solve these mysteries while also protecting others from suffering similar fatalities. Sissel is able to perform ghastly 'tricks' by possessing everyday objects and using these to save someone who is about to be killed. The game requires players to think about exactly what to possess and how best to ensure that each person is not killed.

The title is due to launch in Japan on June 24th and considering the popularity of the Ace Attorney series we have no doubt it will be huge. It is slated for a Christmas period release in America and hopefully a European release won't be too far behind. For now check out the trailer below and take a look at the screenshot page for this title.

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