E3 2010 Media: Nintendogs + Cats Screens

We knew a sequel would grace our consoles once more. And there was even a promise of cats. Well here it is, behold Nintendogs + Cats for the 3DS!

After the immense success of the original title, Nintendo is now bringing us Nintendogs + Cats to our future 3DS consoles. This will expand on the previous game and with it, will bring various new features and interactions between the dogs and cats.

For example, thanks to the face recognition software within the 3DS your dog will know who you are, so when you turn on your 3DS it may look at you and run up to you and try and like your face. Where as if it's a stranger, it may back away a bit. Also, should you tilt your head while looking at your dog, your dog will copy you. So, look below at your possibly future pet!

And what's more, is that Mii's are in this game and can watch your dog in contests.

More screens can be found in here

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