Earthworm Jim Headlines This Months Free SEGA Games

Three more classic SEGA titles are now available if you’re a Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pass member via the free SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive app. The three titles in question are; Earthworm Jim, Beyond Oasis and Alisia Dragoon.

90’s gamers may fondly remember Beyond Oasis, with its gorgeous visual style, and Zelda feel. Playing almost like a beat-em-up, Prince Ali must collect magic spirits, to aid him on his mission. Along the way, you’ll be able to equip all manner of equipment to slice up your foes.

The lesser known but still beloved Alisia Dragoon has you take on the role of Alisia, as you destroy everything in your path, with the help of four beasts. Collecting power ups along the way, you can improve Alisia, and her companions as you traverse this 2D action adventure game. While it was critically acclaimed, sales were low, so now is the perfect chance to discover this hidden SEGA classic.

Finally, it’s the return of classic 90’s mascot Earthworm Jim. Using your own body as a whip, you can destroy nearby enemies, or grab your trusty gun to zap them away. Eagle-eyed Nintendo gamers may notice the sequel, Earthworm Jim 2, arrived on the SNES NSO app recently, so it makes sense to experience where the adventure started. The Genesis version is known as the better of the two, with an additional level not seen in the SNES game, and an improved resolution. The SNES version was slightly more zoomed in, so with this Genesis version, you’ll have a bigger field of view when it comes to attacking foes.

Trailers for all three games can be found below – Groovy!

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