F-Zero 99 Update

F-Zero 99 has recently been updated, so now you’ll be able to set up private lobbies online with your friends! A new classic mode, secret tracks, and a bunch of other goodies have been added to the game.

Here are the full details from Nintendo:

New special events and rewards are now available

Test your skills (and luck) in a variety of new races and modes.


A 20-pilot race with rules and tracks inspired by the original F-ZERO.

Lucky Ranks

Enter five races and match the Mystery Ranks to earn cool rewards, like backdrops for your Pilot Card.

Private Lobbies

Private Lobbies are now available! You can enjoy any game mode at any time in a Private Lobby. Set a passcode, match with your friends , and race on your own terms.

And more…

Missions & Rewards

Secret Tracks

Even more on the way!

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