Game Boy – Nintendo Switch Online June Update – MEGA MAN!

It’s MEGA MAN mania, as not one, not two, but five MEGA MAN games make their way to the Nintendo Switch Online Game Boy app!

Fill up your energy meter and call your robo-dog, because today Nintendo Switch Online members* can play the original five Game Boy™ MEGA MAN™ titles – MEGA MAN™: DR. WILY’S REVENGE, MEGA MAN™ II, MEGA MAN™ III, MEGA MAN™ IV and MEGA MAN™ V – as a part of the Game Boy – Nintendo Switch Online library!

The classic Capcom series makes its Nintendo Switch Online debut in style, giving us Nintendo fans a feast of content to sink our teeth into!

Hop on to the Game Boy app now, as all the titles are available from today!

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