Gamecube Launch (Last Update - 05.01.02)

While I was scolling through German site (a subsidary of Electronics Boutique), I stumbled across some information which interested me. While looking at the different products listed under the Gamecube section, I saw that the Gamecube controller is scheduled for release 15/03/02 (conincindently the same day the Xbox is confirmed for release in Europe). Many of the other Gamecube products also have this date pencilled in for their release. Maybe Nintendo have informed some stores of the intended release date of the GC in Europe already. However, try not to take this information as 100% accurate but see it as another indication that the Gamecube may well release sooner than some 'negative' speculation suggests.

Another piece of nintendo news may be of interest to you (thanks to on this one). Electronics Boutique Australia have just issued their January edition catalogue to their loyalty card holders. The Gamecube adorns a large section of the front page, and inside several pages are dedicated to Cube info. There is a page on the console and controller and a few pages showcasing some of the launch titles for the eagerly awaited system. Electronics Boutique surely wouldn't advertise the console this early if it was the GC was to release later on in the year. Could this mean that the Cube is destined for an early 2002 launch in the Australia? There's a very high chance. But what does this mean for Europe? Well traditionally Australia and Europe share launch dates for all things games-related, so rest assured that the Gamecube will be released Spring 2002 and Autumn 2002 down under (hopefully :). Get your Euros (or pounds) at the ready!


Another German gamestore has 15.03.02 listed as the release date for the majority of its Gamecube products. Playcom (a popular gameshop) have the early March date alongside the console and many of the games. Check out their website on

Thanks to Adamma for the update.

*SECOND UPDATE* (04/01/02)

Two more German gamestores have 15.03.02 listed for the release of many Gamecube products. Check out Susi's Little Shop on and NGC Shop whose website address is - this has got to be more than a coincidence (I couldn't find where the dates were listed on NGC Shop's website earlier today, but have since found them - just click on the Gamecube section and either on the purple GC or black GC and the dates can be found easily enough). Excited? Bet you are.

Thanks to Markus and Nick Martin for this second update.

*THIRD UPDATE - 4/01/02*

Nick Martin emailed me and informed me that in his local Electronics Boutique a member of staff told him that the GameCube is
to release on the 13th March (2002), and they were to get a playable system in store the middle of February. Interesting!

Thanks to Nick Martin.

*FOURTH UPDATE (05/01/02*

I received an email from GC fan James Moullding. This is how it reads:

I was reading throught info on Gamecube launch and discovered two things
that might interest you.

A. While reading through NGC Magazine I noticed an interesting letter from
Mr. Tony San, from Glasgow. It said "Were you aware that Nintendo have been
making slip-ups about Gamecube's launch date ? At the London show (yes I was
there), the Nintendo employess in attendance wouldn't tell me a date - but
they were still all too happy to tell me that "Wave Race : Blue Storm is
gonna hit these shores on March 15th or 22nd" Start saving !

B. Ea originally gave the date of 8th March for GC, now in the US the games
shipped about a week prior to launch, 1 week after the 8th is the 15th

Both of those back up March 15th even more, also interesting news on price,
in conversion from Euro's to Pounds I discovered, 59.90 Euros was �37'ish,
that is apparently the price of a game but expect it to end up as �40, and
looking at ngcshops's GC price of 249.90 Euros, That works out at �154.60,
�150, �155 or �160 price tags are now likely, and the controllers at 35.90
Euros work out as �22.20, hardly surprising with memory cards retailing at
25.90 Euros which is �16

From that I'd assume

�40 per game
�150 for system
�20 for controller
Memory Cards �15

Of course those prices could be higher or lower, when put into pounds but at
least we are that bit closer

Hope this helps

P.S on, the GBA costs �67, obviously cheaper than stores, but
�200 for GC seems very distant now

Interesting. March now seems like the definite date of the GC's euro launch. Start saving!

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